Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Environment

Imagen en formato RAW en bruto con cámara Tetracam

Important: In this section we will start serving from January 31, 2016. The application areas are subject to change and will be updated on the aforementioned date. We will use multispectral and thermal imagers, as well as ordinary HD cameras. Equipment will be shipped both in our fixed wing aircraft and Multirotor.

Using RPAS, we can know in real time the status of farms using multispectral images. The images of the flights are processed to generate an orthomosaic, georeferenced and orthorectified mosaic. To do this, we use Pix4D among others programs.

   Application areas:

  • Forest surveillance.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Moisture, soil degradation and erosion control.
  • Irrigation control.
  • Monitoring endangered species.
  • Protected areas and protected species: poaching, deforestation...
  • Monitoring and evaluation of damage to watersheds.
  • Types of farming and its status.
  • Precision Agriculture.
  • Vineyards: state of the leaves, water stress, chlorophyll content, anthocyanins, potential output, individualized pruning, variable dosage of fertilizers and pesticides, knowledge of the potential production obtainable from the vintage and quality, to separate qualities when vintage…
  • Identification of diseased trees or invasive species.
  • Plant count.
  • Leaf area index.
  • Development status
  • Height of plant.
  • Deficiencies of nitrogen.
  • Plant health.
  • Detasseling.
  • Hydrology: it is possible to assess the ecological health of water by monitoring the
    vegetation of plants, which is detectable by RPAS. The RPAS can provide data in areas of remote or difficult access.
  • Mapping of irrigated land, waterproof surface and watershed planning.
  • Control of recycling, landfill and / or waste areas.

    With the data obtained, the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index is calculated, also known as NDVI. It is an index used to estimate the quantity, quality and development of vegetation.