Emergency and Security



Emergency and security services can only be provided in situations of serious risk, catastrophe or public calamity and to the protection and rescue of people and goods in cases where such situations occur, and when we are required exclusively by responsible authorities of managing such situations.

Information regarding the settings used by our RPAS and the means used for the provision of these services are considered confidential and therefore restricted use and private (the ones expressed below are just some generic data. The detailed information about them will be personally provided to the administration interested in such services, upon signing the confidentiality document). However, the generic communication of the provided services will be of public domain unless our client objects to it.

The use of RPAS allows quick and efficient aerial view of the affected area in real time. Thus, at base camp, the coordinator of emergency teams can watch live the RPA view from the air. In this way, you can take faster and safer decisions for emergency teams.

By using high definition cameras (daytime or night vision) and thermal imaging cameras, we provide RPAS service for:
- Rescue at inaccessible forests and mountains.
- Firefighting.
- Determination of the damage caused by a natural disaster.
- Spills.
- Rescue at avalanches in ski resorts.
- Accidents both at land and air (police, firefighters, insurance companies, etc).
- Demonstrations.
- Traffic control.
- Support of law enforcement and special forces actions.
- Support to police crowd control in large cities.
- Support for the police investigation of crimes.
- Perimeter security areas or critical infrastructures.
- Support for anti terrorist units.
- General support to judicial police.
- Support for NBC situations.
- Air repeater of communication frequencies for police and state security units, including civil protection.